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Mill Creek's Two-Year Generosity Initiative

Celebration Sunday Update (10.29.17)

Here's a quick summary of the Multiply campaign results that we announced October 29th. They include both results to celebrate and challenges for the future.

First, some numbers we can truly celebrate:
• We received 149 commitment cards as of Sunday morning. That represents more than 80% of our total giving units. Most churches average 60-70% in commitment cards turned in, so we can be excited about our level of engagement.
• We received 31 commitment cards from people who previously had not given. 
• Of the 149 total commitment cards, 97 indicated a commitment to increase their giving.  
• Finally, more than 20 percent of those turning in commitment cards said they would DOUBLE their previous giving. 

Now for our two challenges:
• We didn't hit our goal of $4 million in commitments. But we did hit $3.7 million in projected giving, which puts us within striking distance of our goal by the time that the campaign ends in two years. 

• At the same time, we had allocated $2 million of our goal toward the building addition, based on architects' estimates. But our builder's' costs have now come in at about $3 million as a result of several factors, including the relatively high cost of building children's classrooms.

The solid news for the future is that the elders have decided that we already have enough commitments to build. Exactly what and how to build are under discussion. The elders are meeting on those issues in early November and expect to report back to the church with a proposal within a few weeks.

In the meantime, please pray for wisdom for the elders and for some large gifts to be made to close the gap between commitments and building costs. If you haven't filled out a commitment card yet, please click HERE for an online form.

Thank you!


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