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Coleman Barbour

coleman barbourTEL: 913.441.4444 x.108

EMAIL: [email protected]

Coleman is currently serving as our part-time, Interim Music Director. He oversees the music, technical, and thematic elements of our weekly worship gathering in addition to developing the music and technical teams at Mill Creek.

Coleman has served in vocational or volunteer ministry positions for the past 10 years and has a passion for theologically grounded worship and biblical accuracy. He holds a B.A. in Christian Ministries from Midwestern College in Kansas City, Mo. Coleman enjoys his LifeGroup and community in Bonner Springs. He also enjoys Batman – specifically the animated series from the early 90s – and a well (or poorly) executed “dad joke”.

He works full-time in software quality where he enjoys developing, executing, and maintaining systems and documentation. Yes, he is as nerdy as he sounds.

Coleman and his wife Dominique (Dom) grew up in the Kansas City metro area and met while serving in vocational ministry. They have been married for 7 years and have three energetic and talkative children – Alistair (5), Sherwood(4), and Digory(2).

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